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As simple as it sounds: finding the perfect white T-Shirt isn't that simple at all! So how to choose the perfect t-shirt?

When it comes to suiting we all know what the perfectly-made suit looks like. But more importantly than our work uniform is the outfit we wear when we are off-duty. And that mostly consist of a pair of worn-out jeans and a simple white T-Shirt. 

Some T-Shirts are better than others. (Admit it ;-) ) But how is that? Think of your own collection of T-Shirts: which one is your favourite piece? What does it make you feel when wearing it? Does it hug your body the right way, does it retain the fit even after washing it, or is it simply from your favourite brand?

Whatever might be the reason, let us focus on what the perfect white T-Shirt looks like. So here is the guide on what you have to keep an eye on:

  • Choose the right fit:
    These days fits tend to get a bit wider and more comfortable. Unless it is an undershirt, make sure that the T-Shirt doesn't completely show your body contoure. Further make sure that the armhole is wide enough not to force a sweat attack. A lot of people to wear too short T-Shirts (maybe too much shrinkage after washing ;-)), so make sure that does not apply to you. 
    Note: T-Shirt with dropped shoulders (when the shoulder seam drops down over your actually shoulders) are currently en Vogue. 

  • Choose the right fabric:
    The gold standard for T-Shirts is still 100% cotton. It is the safe choice for a soft, strong and breathable alternative. The rule of thumb is: the finer and softer the touch of the cotton, the better the quality. Look at the fabic construction and check how even and regular the structures is. The less imperfections you see, the higher the cotton and knitting quality, thus the longer it will accompany you. Typically does shirts also remain better in shape and are way more dureable than their peers.
    Note: A lot of high street T-Shirts come with some polyester in it. It might give you a soft hand feel but those shirts tend to pill more, make you feel more sweaty and are ecologically questionable, due to microplastics the lose when washing them.Den richtigen Stoff auswählen
  •  Choose the right neckline: V-Neck vs. R-Neck
    The neckline is probably the most disputed part of a T-Shirt. Some might never wear a V-Neck while others will say the opposite. In a nutshell: the R-Neck will make you look more square - so if you have a slight build it is the best option. On the other hand the V-Neck is less boxy and makes your neck look longer. It will therefore make you look longer. If you are on the stockier side, it is a great way to break up your frame.

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